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The use of this website is governed by the below terms and conditions of use. Users of this website are requested to read the terms and conditions carefully. The terms and conditions regulate the use of this website. Users who are 18 years or above can only use the website. Use of this website is for legal purposes only. Use of this website is prohibited for illegal or unauthorized reasons and in case of any violation of intellectual property and privacy law.

Users of this website are required to read the terms and conditions. If they continue to access the website, it will be considered as their act of consent to the terms and conditions. Users are requested to read any terms, conditions and disclaimers found on the pages of the website. Users who continue on this website will also be considered as a sign of agreement to being at least the age of majority in your state or province and ability to enter into a legal contract. If a user is found violating the terms, they cannot use the website or purchase the products and services from the website.

All the users of this website, including the merchants, vendors, content contributors, browsers and/or customers, must accept the terms and pledge to follow them.

The website will not accept users to perform illegal activities such as data spamming and data mining. We will not accept activities that can be considered as a criminal or civil offence or that violates any law. Personal information provided on this website must be accurate. We access personal details such as your name, your mailing address and your e-mail address and other contact details for communication purposes and to deliver orders. Users must keep the personal information updated at all times. We follow the privacy policy to collect, use and disclose users’ personal information once the consent is provided.

The website cannot be held liable for the errors appearing on this website. If there are any errors, users cannot challenge the website for any kind of compensation. The website will not approve third party links appearing here. All the users of this website are advised to view such third party links at their own risk.

The website cannot be used to duplicate its content, design and layout. Users cannot interfere with the website’s security features or network or gain unauthorized access into the website. The users must respect the trademarks, copyrights and licenses of the site. The website will not store your financial information on this website.

The website may refuse the services at any time, for any reason and to any user.

The website may revise the terms and conditions of the site at any time. Users of this website must read the terms carefully. Continuous use of the website will be considered as the user’s consent to the terms and conditions.

The website reserves the right to introduce changes to any part of the website. The website may terminate, suspend or discontinue any part of this website, products, services and content.

Products or Services

The website will accept orders on the basis of its availability. The price of products displayed on this website is quoted in US dollars, except when it is explicitly mentioned otherwise. The price of products can also be revised at any time. The product quantities are subjected to restrictions and cancellations. The sale of products and services can also be limited to any user, household, jurisdiction or location. The color and design of the products are noted as accurately as possible. However, the website does not guarantee that the color and design of the products are displayed in complete accuracy.

The sale of products and services is restricted to personal purposes. Orders will not be authorized if it has been purchased by resellers or distributors. The website will take strict action against false or fraudulent orders.

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All the distuoes can be solved in arbitration court of the Bulgaria.